Saturday, July 11, 2015


Store Clerk: So, it's just the mattress?
Eric: Yep. We'll leave the children if you want.
Store Clerk: Duuude! They're priceless!
Eric (outside the store): *mutters* I could put a price on them--that one (points to Lily) cost us $??? and that one (points to Zara) cost us $????, and that was just to get in the door. Those prices don't take into consideration the ongoing subscription fees! Like "big girl mattresses."

Saturday, March 14, 2015

At the Zoo with Uncle Q

Eric: you're posting just that picture?
Em: it's sweet. 
Eric: it's difficult to walk. 

Not what I meant...

Auntie Em: (through the monitor)the sun is up and Zara is awake. You may get out of your beds. Please give Zara a toy to keep her busy until I can help her out of her crib...
Taevin, Kelton & Lily: Yes Auntie Em / Mommy!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Taevin: Oh no! It broke!
Auntie Em: it's ok. Come carefully sit in your chair and I'll clean it up. 
Auntie Em: ::sigh::
Taevin: How you make another plate?
Auntie Em: I can't make another plate. I'll have to buy one. 
Taevin: You have to buy two. 
Auntie Em: why? We only broke one. 
Zara: (scowls at broken plate as if she didn't just drop it over the side of the highchair on purpose)
Taevin: Now we break two. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Handsome & Rich

Lily: {persons unnamed} is not handsome enough for me to marry. 
Noni: So your future husband has to be handsome in order for you to marry him?
Daddy: AND rich!!
Lily: yeah. Like Daddy. 
Noni: Daddy is handsome and rich?
Lily: Well, he's handsome, but not rich. (to Daddy) But I still love you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Subnivean Zone

On a snow day...
Noni: did you know huskies burrow under the snow to stay warm?
Lily: oooooh! Do they live in the Subnivean zone?
Noni, Mommy, Daddy: **blinks** the what?
Lily: the Subnivean zone!
Mommy: (pulls out phone; Google search: define Subnivean Zone) Subnivean Zone: climate refers to the zone in and underneath the snowpack. From the Latin for "under" (sub) and "snow" (nives). This is the environment of many animals that remain active during the winter. This zone provides protection from predators and insulation from the elements.
Lily: exactly! That's what I said!
Noni: I'm gonna start watching more cartoons!